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Ghibli Museum, Mitaka




Do you know Ghibli Museum?

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka is a one of  a kind commercial Animation Art museum featuring the Japanese anime work of Studio Ghibli.  It is located in Inokashira Park in Mitaka, a western suburb of Tokyo, Japan. Studio Ghibli's renowned representative works include: "My Neighbor Totoro", "Castle in the Sky", and "Spirited Away".

What is the benefit of purchasing Ghibli Museum Ticket at JTB ?


  1. Outside of Japan, the sale of admission tickets to Ghibli Museum is through appointed agents: In North America, the admission tickets can be purchased from JTB.
  2. JTB's Ghibli Museum vouchers are sold by specific date without time restrictions. 
  3. During the busy holiday seasons, it might be difficult to secure admission tickets, even in Japan, the chance of getting admission tickets might be better purchasing it from outside of Japan.

If you have any questions, please Contact us.

Tickets are very limited!
Please order as soon as possible.
Ticket sale starts 3 months in advance commencing on the 1st of each month.



Ghibli Museum General Information

Hours of Operation
*Straw Hat Cafe is open from 11:00, and customers are not permitted to enter after 18:00.
Weekly : Tuesdays 
Other Closures: Year-end and New Year's Holidays,and for periodic maintenance.
For Periodic Maintenance Schedule , please visit Official Ghibili Museum Web Site.
Vouchers for Admission Tickets
Entrance to the Ghibli Museum is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved ticket which specifies the appointed date of the reservation.
Tickets and vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable after purchase.
The admission date and visitor's full legal name are printed on the ticket. Passport is required to confirm the identity and eligibility at Ghibli Museum entrance.
Admission Fees
Adult (Age 19 and over)

Youth (Age 13-18)

Child (Age 7-12)

Child (Age 4-6)
CAD $15.00*




*Children under 4 are admitted free of charge.
*Transaction fee of CAD $10.00 + tax per ticket will be charged.

*We can not take reservation more than 6 pax each group.  


The Voucher is available for only non-residents of Japan.
*If you are a non-resident of Japan but hold Japanese citizenship, you nay be required to show proof of permament residency outside of Japan.
*We are unable to send the admission vouchers outside of Canada.

How to access to the Museum


Access by train is via Mitaka Station on the JR Chuo Main Line,approximately 20 minutes from Shinjuku Station.
A bus service connects the museum with Mitaka’s train station. The fare is 210yen/320yen for adult (one way/roundtrip) and half price for children.
It is also possible to walk (about 15 minutes) from the train station to the museum, and the path is marked with signage to the museum.
The museum does not have parking space for cars.
Please see more details:
If the tickets are sold out......, don't worry. 
You have one more chance to visit Ghibli Museum .
You may inquire the following tour:
Please call us for tour availability.


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