A: Yes, you could if you can prove it by presenting a certificate issued by an embassy or consulate general of Japan.

    Please note that the certificate is not qualified if you have not lived in the same province for more than 10 years.
    For exmple:  
    Qualify: If you have lived in Vancouver, BC for 7 years and Kamloops, BC for 3 years  (Total 10 years).
    NOT Qualify: If you have lived in Vancouver, BC for 7 years and Toronto, ON for 3 years (Total 10 years).

A: Yes, you can purchase a JR pass on the same day AFTER you received the Certificate of Overseas Residence from the consulate general of Japan  (NOT BEFORE). 

A: Name for JR pass has to be your Passport name. You will have to apply for written proof if those documents' names are different except the name in ( ).Please contact us for more details.

A: Yes, To cancel your voucher, you need to return an unused Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order (Voucher) within one year from the issued date. The cancellation fee is 20% of the purchase price, and will be deducted as a cancellation charge. Please see [How to cancel and refund] for details. *Delivery fee excluded from refund. *The refund will be made to the original payment method. It may take time to refund, depending on the confirmation of cancellation. Once the Japan Rail Pass has exchanged for an actual pass it becomes 100% non-refundable.

A: Shinkansen and most limited express and ordinary express trains have reserved Green car seats and both reserved and non-reserved ordinary car seats. Usually Green car is quiet and less crowed, and the train feels more spacious and comfortable. Shinkasen seats on the Green car have 4 rows (2 rows + 2 rows) and Ordinary car have 5 rows of seats ( 2 rows + 3 rows) that width of the green seat is wider. The green car has a deeper reclining angle and you can recline the seat deeper than the Ordinary car.
※Some Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen have 4 rows of seats in a standard car, which is the same width as a green car.
※During busy times, the train is almost full, and some people have choice to take the green car because the ordinary car is full, so tranquility is not guaranteed.

 Green Car  Seats                                                 Ordinary Car Seats 

A:From 20th May 2020, seat reservations with oversized baggage are required to reserve a seat with an oversized baggage area. When bringing baggage with overall dimensions of more than 160 cm onto the following bullet trains(Shinkansen).

 [Destination: Tokyo - Shin Osaka - Hakata - Kagoshima Chuo]
・Tokaido Shinkansen ・Sanyo Shinkansen ・Kyushu Shinkansen 

   Please check here for details :  (EN) https://youtu.be/T8xDJypkSdY   (JP) https://youtu.be/x7iEWxBMBP0