Victoria & Butchart Garden Full Day Sightseeing


General information

Victoria & Butchart Garden Full Day Sightseeing 

Tour points

  • Day trip to the popular tourist city of Victoria
  • Guide to Butchart Gardens, one of the biggest attractions
  • You can also use your free time to explore downtown
  • A resort town blessed with a warm oceanic climate lined with buildings reminiscent of 19th century England
    Vancouver Island floats across the Strait of Georgia to the west of Vancouver. The total area of ​​an island is almost the same as that of Kyushu. Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is located at the southernmost tip. Blessed with a mild climate and a beautiful cityscape, Victoria is popular with locals as a tourist destination and a resort.
    British elegance and tranquility of the city, plus the blessed natural conditions not found in Britain. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, yachts and cruisers float in the inner harbor. To the south of the harbor lies the Juan de Fuka Strait, and beyond that you can see the glaciers that remain in the mountains of the Olympic State Park in Washington, USA.
    There is also a simple plan without lunch for customers who want to explore Victoria freely. Have your own lunch during your free time in downtown Victoria.


Time Contents
7:45River Rock Casino Resort Main Building, Main Entrance Departure (Meeting time will be announced one week in advance)
7:20Depart from Hyatt Regency Hotel
7:30Sheraton Wall Center Hotel (Departure from South Tower)
8:15Arrive at ferry terminal
9:00BC Ferries (Enjoy a 1 hour 35 minute boat trip)
10:35Arrive at Swaltz Bay
11:15Butchart Gardens (about 1 hour and 15 minutes)
13:00Free time in downtown Victoria (approx. 2 hours 30 minutes)
16:30Arrive at ferry terminal
17:00BC Ferries (Enjoy a boat trip of about 1 hour and 35 minutes)
18:35Arrive at Towassen
19:15Arrival at River Rock Casino Resort Main Building (only for customers departing from River Rock Casino Main Building)
19:30Arrive in downtown Vancouver
9:45River Rock Casino Resort Main Building, Main Entrance Departure (Meeting time will be announced one week in advance)
9:20Depart from Hyatt Regency Hotel
9:30Sheraton Wall Center Hotel (Departure from South Tower)
11:00Arrive at Towassen by BC Ferries
12:35Arrive at Swaltz Bay
0:00Lunch at Fairmont Empress Hotel
0:00Free time in downtown Victoria
16:30Butchart Gardens Sightseeing
19:00Depart from Swaltz Bay by BC Ferries
20:35Arrive at Towassen
21:30River Rock Casino Resort Main Building, Main Entrance Departure (Only for customers departing from River Rock Casino Main Building)
21:30Arrive in downtown Vancouver

Tour details

Tour include Round-trip vehicle fee / Japanese guide fee / Butchart Gardens admission fee / Round-trip ferry fee / Tip / Tax
Minimum Participants 2 adults
Schedule time Depends on the time
Tour time 13hours
Pick up place River Rock Casino Resort Main Building (Main Entrance), Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sheraton Wall Center Hotel (South Tower),
Operator JTB International (Canada) Ltd.
Handicap information who can climb the stairs themselves
who are not able to climb stairs by themselves, but who are able to ascend and descend with a helper
who use wheelchairs accompanied by a caregiver


  • Sightseeing content, travel time, transportation, routes, etc. may be changed or canceled due to local circumstances, weather, or other reasons on the day of participation.
  • It may be mixed with passengers on tours of other courses. In that case, you may have to wait at the meeting place, hotel, etc.
  • Lunch and afternoon tea will be shared with guests participating in the tour.
  • The departure time of the River Rock Casino Resort Main Building varies from 6:45 or 7:45 (illumination period is 8:45 or 9:45) depending on the reservation status.
  • Departure time will be announced one week before the tour date.
  • In November, it will be held only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • There are days when the event is excluded for lunch and afternoon tea (see the schedule above).
    The schedule will change during the Christmas period (12/1 to 1/6).
  • Ferries are used for both round trips between Vancouver and Victoria.
  • If the ferry does not operate due to weather or other reasons, the schedule may be changed or the event may be canceled.
  • The time spent at Butchart Gardens is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. (Subject to change.)
  • Lunch for children is a kids menu, which is different from the adult menu.

Important notes

  • Efforts as an operating company
    We will comply with the latest recommendations for new coronaviruses from government agencies in Canada/states/city and carry out the following safety measures.
    1. Disinfection/ventilation of vehicles used
    2. Checking the health of guides/drivers, wearing a mask, hand disinfection/hand washing practice
    3. Checking the disinfection and ventilation status of restaurants and planned sites
    4. Health check at the time of gathering for all participants
    (There is also a tour where we will take the temperature)
    5. Request to wear face covers with masks and handkerchiefs for all participants
    6. Attended to ensure social distance when gathering, sightseeing, moving, etc.
    ※ If you use an airplane, railway, ferry, subway, etc., it is based on the safety measures of each institution
    ※ The measures may differ depending on the tour operator.
    Request to customers
    To prevent infection, please wear a mask on the day of the tour.
    If you do not feel well on the day, you may be asked to decline participation or leave the group on the way.
    ※ Please obtain the latest information about covid-19 infectious diseases from the website of the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in Canada.
  • **Updated: as of Dec 2020. The itineraries may change without notice.