Nagano Niigata Area Pass


General information


Nagano Niigata Area Pass (Flexible 5-Day)

Enjoy unlimited rides on JR trains from Tokyo to Nagano, Nigata area!


●JR EAST lines​
 •This pass is not valid for Tokaido Shinkansen. 
 •This pass is not valid between Minami-Otari and Itoigawa on the Ōito Line and between Itoigawa and joetsumyoko on the Hokuriku Shinkansen line. Please purchase a ticket if you wish to travel these sections. 

●Tokyo Monorail
●Izu Kyuko Line
●Hokuetsu Express​
●Echigo Tokimeki Railway between Naoetsu and Arai
●Local and rapid trains on Tobu Railway line between Shimo-imaichi and the Tobu-Nikko/Kinugawa-onsen.

 *This pass can be used between Kurihashi and Shimo-imaichi Stations that train connect with Tobu Railway lines.
 *This pass cannot be used departing or alighting from a train Tobu Railway lines.

●Ordinary revered seats on Tobu Railway lines: Nikko, Kinugawa, and SPACIA Kinugawa trains can be used if the train connects with JR East line.

●Trains from Airport

•Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport)
•Narita International Airport
•Niigata Airport
•Ibaraki Airport

●Joyful Trains within the valid area.

●JR Buses *excl. highway Bus
Bus Map

*Updated: as of Dec 2020. The validity and rules may change without notice.

Valid Period

5-Day pass allows you to choose the starting date and can be used for 5 consecutive days from the starting date.

Eligibility for use

This pass can be used only who held a foreign passport either who reside in a foreign country or Japan. Japanese passport holders cannot be used.

How to turn in an Exchange Order to receive a Pass

After arriving in Japan, please exchange your voucher ( e-ticket ) for the Nagano Niigata Area pass at the designated counters. Please present your passport (You cannot use a copy of your passport etc.).

*The counters can be very crowded during tourist season. Please leave extra time for receiving the pass.
*Business days and hours are subject to change during the New Year holidays etc.

Other information

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